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Alamogordo Public Schools
Board of Education
appreciates the Charitable Donations to these wonderful contributors.

March 2019

1) Amigos Bakery-Donation Value $30-CMS Health Fair
2) Brown Bag Deli -Donation Value $48-CMS Health Fair
3) Caliche's-Donation Value $65-CMS Health Fair
4) Desert Sun Motors-Donation Value $298.93-CMS Health Fair
5) Desert Sun Motors-Donation Value $200-AHS Tiger Football
6) Fraternal Order of the Eagles-Donation Value $400-CMS Health Fair
7) Fraternal Order of the Eagles-Donation Value $800-AHS Student 2 Student Club
8) Fraternal Order of the Eagles-Donation Value $1,000-AHS Shockwave Team
9) High Desert Water-Donation Value $10-CMS Health Fair
10) Holloman Officer Spouse Club-Donation Value $500-AHS Shockwave Team
11) Holloman Officer Spouse Club-Donation Value $400-AHS Student 2 Student Club
12) Lowe's Grocery-Donation Value $20-CMS Health Fair
13) Lowe's Home Centers-Donation Value $91-Buena Vista Elementary
14) Loyal Order of the Moose-Donation Value $500-CMS Health Fair
15) Mountain View Dental-Donation Value $20-CMS Health Fair
16) The Optimist Club of Alamogordo-Donation Value $50-CMS Health Fair
17) Patron's Hall-Donation Value $50-CMS Health Fair
18) Premier Fitness & Health Spa-Donation value-CMS Health Fair
19) Sonic Drive In-Donation Value $968.50-CMS Health Fair
20) Winners Circle-Donation Value $150-CMS Health Fair

TOTAL $8296.43

February 2019

1) Alamogordo Downtown Lions-Donation Value $500-AHS Student Government
2) Carino’s Restaurant-Donation Value $31.96-CMS Health Fair
3) Fraternal Order of Eagles-Donation Value $500-AHS College Prep Academy
4) Fraternal Order of Eagles-Donation Value $500-APS City Science Fair
5) John D. Wheeler & Associates-Donation Value $500-AHS Student Government
6) Loco Credit Union-Donation Value $50-APS City Science Fair
7) Loyal Order of the Moose-Donation Value $300-AHS Student Government
8) Mad Coffee-Donation Value $10-CMS Health Fair
9) Mrs. Martinez-Donation Value $100-AHS AFJROTC
10) Otero Federal Credit Union-Donation Value $100-APS City Science Fair
11) Otero Federal Credit Union-Donation Value $100-CMS Health Fair
12) Walmart Neighborhood Market-Donation Value $30-CMS Health Fair

Total $2,721.96

January 2019

1) Desert Sun Auto Group-Donation value $100-to Buena Vista for books for Family Literacy Night
2) Discount Tire-Donation value $250-to AHS MESA
3) Fraternal Order of the Eagles-Donation value $2,000 -APS-Yucca for Coats for Kids
4) J & J Frontier Communications, LLC-Donation value $300-to Tiger Soccer
5) Mr. & Mrs. Kotter-Donation value $100-to AHS MESA
6) Stephens,Tamira-Donation value $50-MVMS Band fundraiser
7) Teets, Mary-Donation value $50-MVMS Band fundraiser
8) Vision Ford-Donation value $1,624-to Tiger Baseball
9) Walker, Judith A.H.-Donation value $25-MVMS Band fundraiser

TOTAL $4499

December 2018

1) Anonymous-Donation value $120-to North Elementary

2) Anderson Refrigeration-Donation value $250-to AHS MESA

3) Andrez Montoya-Donation value $250-to MVMS

4) Breck Martin-Donation value $100-to AHS MESA

5) CJ’S Si Senor Restaurant, Inc.-Donation value $100-to AHS MESA

6) Comet Cleaners-Donation value $25-to AHS MESA

7) Commercial Sign Art, Inc.-Donation value $50-to AHS MESA

8) David Overstreet-Donation value $50-to AHS MESA

9) First Presbyterian Church-Donation value $200-to AHS Tiger Choir

10) George Heaton-Donation value $1,000-to AHS MESA

11) Holloman OSC Charitable-Donation value $500-to Tiger Swim

12) James Heaton-Donation value $1,000-to AHS MESA

13) Morris Wortelboer-Donation value $250-to AHS MESA

14) Mr. Myers and Mrs. Brashear-Donation value $50-to AHS MESA

15) Mr. & Mrs. Thomas-Donation value $150-to AHS MESA

16) New Mexico MESA, Inc.-Donation value $329-to AHS MESA

17) Otero Federal Credit Union-Donation value $200-to AHS MESA

18) Professional Detailing-Donation value $250-to AHS MESA

19) Purcella Construction, Inc.-Donation value $300-to AHS MESA

20) Ricochet-Donation value $250-to AHS MESA

21) Route 54 Home Décor, LLC.-Donation value $250-to AHS MESA

22) Sierra Elementary PTA-Donation value $30-to AHS MESA

23) Traffic Systems Construction, Inc.-Donation value $250-to AHS MESA

24) Vision Ford-Donation value $500-to AHS MESA

25) Wayne & Aroon Paddock-Donation value $400-to AHS MESA

                                           December Total $6854

November 2018

1)      Alamogordo Downtown Lions-Donation value $250-to AHS AFJROTC
2)      Albertson’s Market-Donation value $20-to Heights Elementary
3)      Albertson’s Market-Donation value $20-to Oregon Elementary
4)      Boys & Girls Club-Donation value $125-to AHS Tiger Choir
5)      John and Karin Brown-Donation value $500-to Tiger Golf
6)      Chili’s-Donation value $220-to AHS Varsity Cheerleaders
7)     Grant Dalpes-Donation value $1200-to La Luz Elementary
8)     Desert Sun Motors-Donation value $1600-to Tiger Athletics
9)     Fraternal Order of Eagles-Donation value $500-to Buena Vista Elementary
10)   Fraternal Order of Eagles-Donation value $4,000-to APS Student Nutrition
11)   Fraternal Order of Eagles-Donation value $600-to Alamogordo Public Schools
12)   Lesia Bryant Gonzalez-Donation value $125-to Tiger Athletics
13)   Teresa Ham-Donation value $1,000-to AHS Tiger Choir
14)   Lowe’s Signature Market-Donation value $25-to HMS Health Fair
15)   Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories-Donation Value $100-to BV Walking Club
16)   Don Thorp-Donation value $1,000-to AHS Tiger Choir
17)   Vision Ford-Donation value $2,000-to AHS Tiger Choir
18)   Wal-Mart-Donation value $200-to Alamogordo Public Schools
19)   Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market-Donation value $207.46-to Oregon Elementary

                                    November Total = $13,692.46

October 2018

 1) Boys and Girls Club of Otero County-Donation value $125-to AHS Choir


2) Buena Vista PTO-Donation value $3,000-to Buena Vista Elementary

3) Class of ‘78-Donation value $150-to AHS for Trees

4) Lions Club-Donation value $240-to Yucca Elementary for school supplies

5) Si Senor-Donation value $20-to Oregon Elementary

6) Vision Ford, Lincoln, Hyundai-Donation value $200-to AHS Chem Club start-up

7) Wal-Mart Supercenter-Donation value $840-to Yucca Elementary for school supplies

8) White Sands Law-Donation value $50-AHS AP History Class 

                                      October Total: $4625.00

September 2018


1) Class of 1978-Donation value $655-to AHS for Trees

2) CMSGT Patrick Tedford-Donation value $2,000-AHS AFJROTC

3) KOAT-Donation value $1,500-APS for school supplies

4) Linda Finn-Donation value $25-AHS Tiger Band

5) Loyal Order of the Moose-Donation value $500-to Department of Special Ed.

6) Marcus Alderete-Donation value $60-MESA Competition

7) Michelle Dilworth-Donation value $100-AHS Varsity Cheer

8) Nelda Wilhite-Donation value $100-AHS Tiger Band

9) Your Community Connection-Donation Value $100-AHS Tiger Band

                                September Total = $5040.00

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