History of Alamogordo Public Schools

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The Former Dudley School
(located at 6th Street and Maryland)

 A History of Public Education in Alamogordo 1898 - 1972

To delve into the beginning of public education in Alamogordo, one must go back to a tent school started in the year of 1898.  The tent was used for court on one end, with school in the other end. Students were delighted when court was held because they would not have to attend school. During this time, Alamogordo was primarily a tent city and most of the residents were tuberculosis patients.

In 1900, a two-story brick school was built which contained six classrooms. This was named the East Building. An additional two-story brick building was then added in 1910, containing eight classrooms. It became the Central Building. Dudley School was built in 1914 and contained four classrooms. Finally, Alamogordo High School, a two-story brick building with 13 classrooms and an auditorium was constructed in 1910.

Information from old newspapers tells us the school enrollment as of September 1910 was 480 students.

On April 1, 1921, the school boasted an enrollment of 855 students
Prior to World War II, Alamogordo was a small town with good schools and a stable enrollment. In 1942, the Alamogordo Army Air Field was built 10 miles west of town. This addition caused school enrollment to climb steadily each year from 1500 in 1947, to 8,900 in 1967; from a teaching staff of 3 in 1947 to one of 415 in 1967. The Alamogordo Army Air Field eventually became Holloman Air Force Base and a test development center for many government contracts.              

The Indiana Elementary School open as a first grade school in 1947 with three classrooms. This building was originally a mortuary and was purchased by the school district and converted into the school.               

In 1947, the physical plant of the Alamogordo Municipal School District consisted of the following buildings and evaluations was listed at $440,000:                             

Alamogordo High School

East Building

Central Building

Delaware School for Negro students

Dudley School

Indiana School for first grade students

North Elementary School



 In 1949, Negro children were admitted to the high school and integration throughout the school system was successfully completed two years later. The Alamogordo Municipal School District was a pioneer in school integration.

Additions to North Elementary School were completed in 1950. 

The enrollment was listed at 5,000 with a teaching staff of 195 in 1957.

On July 1, 1959 consolidation was accomplished, bringing in Cienega, High Rolls, La Luz, Oro Grande, Pinon and Weed Schools into the school district, enlarging enrollment by approximately 325 students.

As the enrollment continued to grow, new schools were constructed to accommodate the students:

In 1967, the evaluation was listed at $9,185,500 as compared to $440,000 in 1957.

In 1968, the City of Alamogordo and the Alamogordo Municipal School District agreed to an exchange of land and money for the Central Junior High School plant which consequently became the property of the City. The junior high school students were moved to the former high school at 1211 Hawaii Avenue. The high school students were moved t the new Alamogordo High School located at 103 Cuba Avenue. Phase I of this facility was completed in 1968. Lack of facilities at the new high school made it necessary to transport high school shop and music students from the high school to Central Junior High School for classes. 

With the beginning of the 1969-70 school year, the Alamogordo Public Schools began operation under the organization plan of 6-2-2-2. Chaparral Junior High School became Alamogordo Junior High School for 7th and 8th grade students in the district.  Holloman Junior High School was established on Holloman Air Force Base for 7th and 8th grade students living on Holloman Air Force Base. This school was housed in barracks and portable buildings until funds might become available for permanent buildings. Central Junior High School, at 1211 Hawaii, became the Alamogordo Mid High for 9th and 10th grade students, leaving only 11th and 12th grade students to attend the Alamogordo High School at 103 Cuba Avenue. This change was made to make better use of existing school facilities.

As of May, 1970, the Alamogordo Municipal School District had an enrollment of 9,947 students in Kindergarten through 12th grades and consisted of the following schools:




Buena Vista Elementary

Alamogordo Junior High

South School

Heights Elementary

Holloman Junior High


High Rolls Elementary

Alamogordo Mid High


Holloman Elementary

Alamogordo High School


La Luz Elementary

Weed High School


North Elementary



Sacramento Elementary



Sierra Elementary



Weed Elementary



Yucca Elementary



With the beginning of the 1971-72 school year, a kindergarten was added to the Sacramento Elementary School. This kindergarten was funded with state funds.

At the close of the 1971-72 school year, the Holloman Junior High School was condemned for further use as a school by the New Mexico Fire Marshall. This made it necessary to take all possible action to secure funds for a building for these students if the school as to continue. Because of severe cuts in appropriations for Public Law 814, it did not seem likely that federal funds would be available; therefore, the school district received a loan of $500,000 from the State of New Mexico. The contract was awarded in the fall of the 1972-73 school year for the construction of the new Holloman Junior High School. In the interim period, the students from this school were housed in portable buildings and Holloman Elementary School.

The enrollment at the close of the 1971-72 school year was 9,218 students in kindergarten through 12th grades. The Alamogordo Junior High School was renamed Chaparral Junior High School at the request of the student body.

The 1972-73 school year brought about the establishment of state funded kindergarten classes in the Yucca Elementary School. The enrollment was somewhat more than had been projected and stood at 9,336 in kindergarten through 12th grades; 8,858 in 1 – 12 grades. South School was renamed the Alamogordo Center for Exceptional Students in September 1972.

Today, Alamogordo Public Schools consists of these schools:




Buena Vista

Chaparral Middle

Academy del Sol

Desert Star

Holloman Middle

Alamogordo High

High Rolls/Mountain Park

Mountain View Middle


Holloman Elementary



La Luz









Sunset Hills