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As we look around us we notice that technology                                                   
is more and more becoming a part of everyday life;
this includes education.  
Using technology and the Internet to facilitate and supplement education is the way of the future. It
exposes our students to opportunities to develop a skill set associated with self-discipline, time management and academic rigor. Indeed, this need is echoed in our legislation as students are now required to have an AP, Honors, Dual Credit, or distance learning course for graduation. Fortunately, the Alamogordo Public Schools is able to bring students into this future by facilitating online learning.

The Virtual Academy was initiated through a DoDEA grant, the goals of which include assisting military achieve their academic goals and overcoming transition related issues that affect their education. On average, military households move every 2-3 years and the children of those families will change schools from 6-9 times during their elementary and secondary education. The average military-connected high school student attends two high schools before graduating. Now APS is better equipped to support students who transition into and out of APS as students will be offered the opportunity to either “catch up” with or get ahead in their educational career, depending on individual needs.

In addition to helping military affiliated students, online courses are also an option for home schooled students and qualifying applicants to the Virtual Academy in grades 6-12 who might seek alternative learning delivery for a variety of reasons.

The Virtual Academy is able to partner with learning platforms in order to connect students to highly qualified NM licensed teachers. Because of this we can offer courses that might not otherwise be available (French or Introduction to Anthropology for example). All courses are aligned to meet or exceed NM Standards and Benchmarks.

Suitability for online learning is based on several criteria, including a 2.5+ GPA and successful completion of an Orientation. Most students enrolled in online classes are scheduled lab time at their school for some or their entire course load.

Interested? Need more information?

Contact your child’s Guidance Counselor or Iron Heart Pinkney, Virtual Academy Learning Liaison, 

(575) 812-6566



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