2018 SNS Changes and Clarifications




  1.  CATERINGS:  Student Nutrition Services (SNS) will no longer do any caterings.  


    Coffee urns, serving utensils and ice chests are available for loan, please fill out catering form and send to Joyce Amaya in SNS at least one (1) week prior to your event. All items are free of charge to use but must be returned washed or in the case of the ice chests, wiped down. If ice blankets are borrowed and not returned, a fee of $12.00 per blanket will be assessed.


    II. SACK LUNCHES:  Sack lunches will be available for athletic events and field trips.  A catering form will have to be filled out (purchase order number to be included) and sent to SNS two (2) weeks prior to event. Please send your e-mail to SNS-office, so that we all receive the request. One of us should be calling you back to confirm the order with two days.



    III. PIZZA ORDERS: All pizza orders will no longer go through Student Nutrition.  Each school or department will order their own pizza and arrange for delivery and payment.  At the time of delivery, it is required to give a copy of the purchase order (made payable to Domino’s Pizza-Alamogordo) to the driver or cashier if picking up in person. They will in turn give you the order ticket to turn into Accounts Payable with your purchase order.


    Large cheese and pepperoni pizzas are available at a bid price of $6.39 each. Sausage and vegetable pizza are not part of the bid and are higher in price.


    As per USDA requirements, any pizzas ordered for delivery from the start of the school day to 30 minutes after the school day ends are to be wheat crust.  After this time, white crust may be requested.


    The bid for the 2018-2019 school year is with:


    Domino’s Pizza-Alamogordo

    100 S. White Sands Blvd.

    Alamogordo, NM                            575-434-3030


    IV. Tablecloths and Linens: If tablecloths are needed, they will now be ordered directly by the school or sponsor needing the linen.  The supplier is American Linen in Las Cruces.



     A detailed purchase order is to be created made payable to American Linen. The person ordering will then have to call the American Linen offices in Las Cruces at least ten (10) days ahead to get pricing, place the order and arrange for delivery and pick up of dirty linen.


    American Linen Supply

    550 North Church St.

    Las Cruces, NM  88001




This is the second year of the Hunger-Free Students’ Bill of Rights (SB374). The law states that a school shall nor publicly identify or stigmatize a student who cannot pay for a meal or whose parent or guardian owes a meal debt.  A student who cannot pay for a meal or whose parent or guardian owes a meal debt shall not be required to complete chores or other work to pay for meals.


A school or school district must communicate with a parent or guardian directly about the meal debt and not the student.  However, a school can send home a letter to the parent or guardian regarding the meal debt via the student.


Regardless of whether or not a student has money to pay for a school meal or owes the school or school district for previously charged meals, a school or school district must provide a student who requests a meal, with a USDA reimbursable meal , unless the student’s parent has specifically provided written permission to withhold the meal from the student.  Students who have been served a meal cannot be required to throw the meal away because they did not have money to pay for it or because a student’s parent or guardian owes the school or school district money from previous meals


If a student owes money for five or more meals, the schools must take steps to certify the family for free or reduced meals, making 2 attempts to provide an application to the family, and having a principal or counselor contact the family to offer assistance.


**The preceding is a paraphrasing of the bill to be used only for temporary guidance relating to unpaid meal charges. A detailed procedure is to follow after Board approval.


We appreciate your assistance with any accounts that may fall into the unpaid meals category, by sharing necessary information with Kitchen Managers, parents (guardians) and providing the necessary forms to new registrants.


Thank you and have a great school year.