Digital Citizenship

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The topic of digital citizenship is gaining popularity around the globe today. Our society uses technology to learn, work, and connect with others. As educators, we must prepare students who are capable of interacting responsibly and safely in a digital society.

Our Director of Schools, Brenda Dorsey, has been working with Alamogordo Librarians to make Digital Citizenship a priority at APS!

The first major topic that Digital Citizenship teaches students is how to use the internet/technology SAFELY. Since nearly everyone has a phone in their pocket, iPads, laptops, and so on, we must be vigilant. Digital Citizenship teaches students how to protect themselves and their families from identity theft, internet fraud, scams, etc. Digital Citizenship also teaches students how to use internet/technology RESPONSIBLY. We teach our students the many educational uses of the internet, how to use the internet in moderation, and how to pick websites that are right for your age, etc.

Lesson resources are provided on the website and are very detailed. Many of the lesson activities include videos, and many are hands-on. This knowledge is very useful for our students in 2019 and will continue to be useful as technology advances more and more every year.

- Ryan Sanders, Librarian-Yucca Elementary School

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